Desire solitude to finish your great American novel?  Inspiration to create that artistic vision floating around in your head?  Peace and quiet to work on a screenplay, poetry, college thesis, photography or practice yoga and meditation?  Or, are you a soul who says “if only I didn’t have to leave the sanctity of Hidden Passage and go home so soon”?

Hidden Passage now offers special rates for extended stays of one month or more, for those that don’t want their desert flirtations to end so soon.

Cottages are equipped with everything you need to make your stay feel like home – private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen/BBQ facilities, patios, sitting areas, comfy beds and WiFi – but without the distractions that sometimes get in the way of creative and meditative endeavors.

As part of the extended stay family, you’d be treated to a further “desert immersion” experience.  With each month stay, enjoy the following complimentary amenities:

  • Two one hour guided horseback rides with Cowboy Jimmy on a variety of adventure trails.

  • Two guided hikes.

  • Weekly housekeeping.

As always: unlimited hiking trails, respites around the village for meditation and peace, hanging out at the Apollo gathering center, quiet as you may never have experienced, views as far as the eye can see, spectacular four seasons climate.

Contact us to learn more.