Natural Earth Formations

The natural earth formations of Hidden Passage make it one of the most unique and hospitable environments in the Southern California Desert. The mountains to the east are shaped so that the sun comes up over the mountains, bathing Hidden Passage like a sundial, at approximately 7AM, regardless of the season.  Whether in summer, when the sun comes up further to the north, or winter, when the sun comes up more to the south, the sun hits the top of the mountains at the same time throughout the seasons, sweeping across the canyon.

The Canyon Tempers the Seasons

As a result, our canyon is buffered from the early morning sun blast that scorches most of the desert, creating tranquil mornings of soft light.  In the later afternoon, the sun similarly drops behind the mountains to the west sooner than most of the desert. The moment this occurs, the valley is suddenly serene- the gentle late day light lasting far into the evening.   This nestling in the mountains harmonizes the seasons. It creates less heat buildup in the Canyon in the summers, yet holding in the warmth in the winter.  The traditional winds that so often tear across the flats of the desert are buffered by the Canyon walls. Simultaneously, the Canyons are like river passageways guiding gentle, ever-present breezes through the Hidden Passage valley.

Our Desert Stream

Another special feature is a desert stream.  (Due to the extended drought, it is currently dry.) Fourteen miles away, frequent rains fall on the highest mountain in Southern California, San Gorgonio, as the updraft steals the water out of the air, thus creating our desert. However, there is a sweet refrain, as the rains of San Gorgonio run underground through nature’s aquifers.  Fourteen miles later, the aquifers gurgle out of the ground in a spring ½ mile from Hidden Passage. This creates a stream that runs through Hidden Passage (where there is even a small beach.) The spring runs 365 days a year with as pure water as Mother Earth has to offer.  What is taken with one hand is given with the other in the unique earth formations of Hidden Passage. We look forward to sharing it with you!

Natural Earth Formations